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Like most places on earth the cost of living in Canada is getting out of hand, it’s unbelievable how much taxes we pay here. Allot of people hate our weather but to tell you the truth I really like having 4 seasons, fall rules! The best time of the year. I’ve never been to California, is it anything like Florida? My problem with California would be the Heat, I like the cooler months. But if i lived down there i'd be driving an old school rat rod or something

The East Coast will rot your car; it’s very hard to own anything cool here. I DD my e30 all year round. If you have money & garage (I have neither) you could buy a nice rust free car and store it all winter and drive a beater or lease something during the winter. Also it's hard to keep your car looking clean here, the roads are nothing but pot holes very hard on your car....

Also our MVI rules suck! I’ve been reading that they are trying to bring in new rules that will not allow you to have a lowered car or lifted jeep/truck
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