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Originally Posted by 344i View Post
Omg no need for hurt feelings. Lack of salt and rain makes california great for metal. Rubber degrades, plastics degrade, but in my opinion clean metal is more important then plastics and rubber.

You can argue all you want but show me one dodge caravan in ontario with a rust free suspension body and exhaust that are not treated or replaced. I will show you plenty rotting out.

I think the point bmw7 was trying to make was that you can care less about your car in that climate and in the end it will still be cleaner then a car exposed to salts ( not cared for like julians or abusatifs, etc,) Simple. I ll post pics from when i was in california 2 weeks ago and you can judge for your self

As for everyone who got offended, you got to realise that you put alot of work and effort into your cars , where as cars from good climates look extremely good with hardly any work at all, not even a wash.... Simple
AMEN. perfectly said. Ontario cars over 5 years have to be treated so they don't rust, while in southern climates like the US, you don't have any of that.
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