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IMO, BMW has failed on many fronts with the 1 series. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great car, but when making a decision to purchase one, you have to look at all of the options. That is where it's weaknesses shine through. Not light enough to make a decent difference between the 3 series and the 1 series. Too expensive for what it gives you. Very obvious cost cutting measures, ie stamped steel lower control arms instead of the alum. ones the 3 has (one of the causes of the weight problems as well). And most of all, for someone like me with a family, that wants a little enthusiast in my family vehicle, the only models they brought were the ones that I wouldn't touch two doors. Where's the wagon?? Wheres the 4 door??? Where's the diesel??? I'd buy a 3 series in a heart beat over one of these. I still think they have they're niche market, but that's all it is...........a niche.
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