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lol hey guys! thanks for the help and comforting words. Well I was planning on taking my wheels to precision rim. But I found a place on caledonia north of lawrence (right beside the national tire). I went by there today with racing trends and he pretty much told them their work was shit and to redo everything. So far they seem co-operative with redo-ing their shit work, pretty much we told them to redo everything, polish the lips again because i could still see scratches on them. redo inbetween the spokes because theres tons of pitting from old paint.

BTW worst part. They don't even have the ****ing socket to put the rims back together. Anyone on here have this socket that I can borrow? Pretty please!!!????

Anyways Thanks Guys I'll keep you posted!

BTW BMW_7, yeah I got another job, so I decided to keep them.!
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