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Raced a cab

so i went to woodbrige tonight, i came back to my area, dropped off my friends and was about to go to sleep....then i found out my friends crashed on highway 7 and dufferin.. so i went as fast as i could back to highway7 to see whats happening...on yonge right before h7 there was this white cab and he was parallel to me, he started flooring it, so did i and we knew it was on... i pass him in 3rd, getting 2 cars lead, and remain at 6k rpm, and he was pulling well too. it was a chevy (dont know which model)... at 120km/h he still was 2 cars behind me, then when i started braking he passed me and went even faster. nothing special but it was fun racing a cab.
oh yea, vlad, 2 minutes after you left he got a ticket for following too closely. now its 6+2 points.

p.s. there were these 2 swwweeett sweeett cars in woodbridge, a testarossa and some kind of a muscle car (shelby maybe?)
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