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Originally Posted by BearsBmw View Post
Nice ride!! I need a M bumper also!! Welcome! I apologize for you having to repeat stuff over over to me but you were hard to understand in person as you have a deep accent ... I realy liked the fact that you pointed out the fake M3 so easly haha great shoW! ...seeya around
Lol. yeah, I have a deep accent and a pretty bad speech discrimination.

Anyways, trust me, I can spot a fake M3 from a few feet away lol, I know lots about E36s. . I think I can think of myself an E36 guru lol

And for the bumper, I got it from DDM, along with a pair of 6000 HID bulbs and chrome corner lights (to eliminate the "egg-yolk" effect) and the total including shipping was around $295 CAD.
Not bad, sure the edges might not line up PERFECT with fenders, but for $100 its a damn good bumper.
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