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I was at BMW autohaus and looked around a 750 wow... what a nice piece of BMW... What I found very very strange is even tho it was a long version the interior room wasnt as big for some odd reason... i'm not sure what they did but it seems that roof line is now lower and it seems little bit tighter inside... otherwise its a dream...

On the sad note, some Russian sales woman came up to me and started talking complete nonsense, I just dont understand how people like that sell cars... She was saying how great that engine is in 750 and how they sell 4.8 x5 with that engine for last 2 years... I was like wtf lady... and made her go review all the specs of all vehicles again lol... I'm so annoyed at people who sell cars and dont really know what they talking about. at the end she said "you are right, but soon it will come with M perofromance package and all the engine work" I was like WTF.
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