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Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
anyway... a "DD" the does 0-100 kms in 5.8 seconds isn't bad IMO... especially since the M3 is rated at 0-100 kms in 5.3 seconds. (E93 Manual 6-Spd Convertible Models Compared)
Oh I missed maxbimmer over my winter hiatus. ... Good job on the fact correction Stephanie! But really? The 335 is rated at 5.8 seconds 0-100? That's quick, but I thought it would be a bit quicker. I've seen my barge tested to reach 60mph in 5.9 (see link) which I find slightly hard to believe given that I've got less bhp, marginally higher torque, and a lot more weight (when compared to a 335). That, and I've been in a 335 accelerating at full tilt, and it felt a heck of a lot faster than my car ... maybe it's just the overly refined ride of the 7 that makes it feel a lot slower ... doubt it.
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