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well, honestly, it goes pretty good but to get any power out of it you really got to stomp on the peddle to get the kick down from the auto to kick in for accel. I think BMW put a semi shift kit into it because it does have a rather crisp shift. I like to keep my cars as stock as possible. Less things likely to go wrong down the road...I'm just trying to fix up a 90-325is. for my summer car I think. Depending on whether the 91-318is is fixable. (Grin)
I really like the 318is. I had one for 6 years. tons of fun.

Beach wouldn't have gone down had it not been mismanaged. Dinan was just becoming recognized by bmw in Canada. Funny Usa honors dinan mods under warranty but I don't think BMW Canada does..strange huh? Unless something changed since then.?
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