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Hey guys i actually put up that last post.

My new friend (made friends wile test driving) is selling a 90 535i 5spd euro import with only 149,000kms on it for $2500. I drove it and it rides nice. Need brakes, he says rears, it comes with rear pads. I'm not sure what else it needs.

It's lowered on some spring and rides sporty/stiff? Interior is not 100% but with a little work this could be a awsome summer ride. It needs wheels bad. the stockers have new rubber but not sexy. Clutch is not stock but no info on it. grabs harder than my stg 3 tcd clutch.

Anyways hes a nice guy so i figured i'd extend his audience for him and bring it too you guys.

Honestly a great rear car with low km's.

heres the link. the car is off crichton which if off beechwood.
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