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Originally Posted by richmak View Post
Thanks, brother.

Did you replace it yourself or did you went somewhere to get this done?
The rad, fan and fan clutch were new, so I got the water pump, thermosta and hoses replaced within the first 2 weeks of owning the car. I bought all the parts from Pelican Parts in the US and had Steve a Bavarian install all the parts and pressure test the system. It is important to note that not all mechanics will want to do the work if you bring cheap parts. Doing it this way saved $$ for the parts but more important to me I had a choice to install the best parts that I could find. The only thing that I didn't buy was the coolant.

I just completed doing the valley pan replacement on my V8 so now the entire cooling system except the heater system has been done.
'99 E39 540iT

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