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Originally Posted by Trouble65 View Post
Why would it bother you? Canadian population is 30Million and the USA 300Million. Their taxes are a lot lower then ours therefore more disposable income.
Soooo we have less money and our prices are higher... yeah I don't see anything wrong with that, never mind.

That idea aside, what I also find funny is the fact that we're across the proverbial road from the US. It's one thing when Lincolns and Lexuses are crazy expensive in Russia - if you don't like it, try to import one on your own for less! But we don't have that. Even now it's retarded but back when the dollar was at parity, the C6 Z06 was 76k in the US, and the equivalently equipped car was 106 here. This is a NAFTA product. Other than the inconvenience of driving it across the border and maybe a grand in federalization costs, you're basically paying an extra 40% here! The used market is no different. I'm not sure what it is. It really makes no sense to me. We get paid less for the equivalent work than the US, our currency is at best the same, usually way weaker, and our taxes are higher. So there is less demand here and less money to buy with. Yet we pay higher prices. Weaksauce.
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