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Yesterday did some work. The 318 manifold just clears the brake booster ( was looking for an excuse to remove it) and the turbo+exhaust manifold fits nice. Going to use e30 318 rads, since I have 3... might as well recycle so bottom rad support will have to be choppy choppyed. Last thing, the motor may be relocated, 2 inches back, so that will necessitate oil pan chopping. E21 320 oil pan, and E30 318i pans won't fit

I need a new kidney grill, my friend decided as a joke to step on my bent one , which I could have fixed, so I get a new one now, courtesy of jackass friend. W00t!

I did get some picture worthy additions so far today. I wet sanded and polished the taillights that came with the car. Painted the backing silver, so the light 'pops' now all I need is a new chrome trim housing and these are set. Old one beside for comparison...


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