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Problems with fellow member rider-.

ok long storey i bought a motor with 200,000k and suppose to be tested with no leaks and runs great. i go by the trust of the member that the motor is good and if there is something wrong we'll talk, anyways i did a leakdown test and the motor failed so i phoned him he says sure ill give you the $$ back and it's been 3 weeks now. first he said he had no money so i gave him 2 weeks to get his $$. still nothing pm him again says he only has 300$ so i give him an offer ill take some parts of the motor and give me the 300$ to make up the 200$ diff if he could not give me the $$ cause my boss needs it out of the shop cause it's in the way. anyways he has not talked to me in a week and i noticed that he has been coming online everyday and ignoring my pm's

i hate doing this but now it's getting stupid cause hes not talking or calling or putting any effort into it

Note just watch out and don't trust lol i learned the hard way
oh ya thanks again rider-.

Happy Easter weekend

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