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Bimmersport ...... up to all good LOL !!!

Well boys what can I say. You have made me happy once again as usual. The car handles so nice its unreal. Charlie you where right what a huge difference.

Mikey I wanna thank you for all the amazing work homie mad love on that (even though my girlfriend was pissed I missed out on her birthday dinner LOL)

Just to give the board a heads up the following was done at Bimmersport:

- PSS suspension install
- new larger aluminum rad, hoses, stewart water pump, electric fan
- fan delete
- all fluids changed
- fuel flush

Now for all you non Bimmersport people out there wake up and smarten up and go get things done right at Charlies shop and stop wasting your time at other places

Good seeing the crew even bert LOL !!!!!!

Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!
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