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Exclamation Issue with purchasing a new car!

Hello everyone. I haven't posted in a while, but am finally getting a BMW again, so I need some advice.

I'm basically purchasing a 2009 328i, 4dr. I originally wanted a sport package, automatic, and navigation. Those were the only options. At first, at the dealership, we were told that there were none like that in the "pipeline", so it was impossible to get one (in our black/black color choice). We decided to let go of the navigation, but the next day, the salesperson called us to say we could have a custom one, like we want, from Germany. We were very happy, and said to add the navigation back on there. Finally, they called back today to say that we HAVE to get the Premium package in order to get the Navigation... It's complete BULL! I can't believe that I would have to pay an extra $2800 of stuff that I don't want or need, in order to pay the $2000 on the navigation.
I sent a complain email to the salesperson, but not much to do.

Anyone has any thoughts on how I should proceed to get what we want? I think it's terrible that BMW would mislead their client's expectations in the brochures and on the website....

Look forward to seeing what people have to say!
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