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Rust Proofing. Non-drip or drippy?

I'm going to get my E34 rust proofed. I was thinking of using "Krown". I used them years ago and as long as I did it every year, my old RX7 and I drove that car for a long time. I had to respray every year for about a hundred bucks. I also would buy a can of Rust check and spray the wheel wells and doors etc.. every so often.

Now, a lot of places are using a non-drip type of rust spray. I just don't see how non-drip can get into all the crevices and and hidden areas. I used a non-drip once and it actually seemed to trap moisture in certain areas, causing my fuel line to rust out. The non-drip would bridge over the many gaps and cracks in the body.

Non drippy = Non seepy and non Creepy?

Any recommendations for rust proofing?
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