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Originally Posted by 328IScreamer View Post
The guy at christian motors seemed real sketchy bout the sale of that car.
I bought my 540i from him several years ago. Right away I thought he fit the bill of the sleazy used car salesman. He kept saying shit like "everything works, it's clean, blah blah. So do you want it or what, cause I got a guy coming back tomorrow to buy it." So I got the idea that the car might not be as honest as it looked, but it had a clean title and I really wanted a 6-speed E34 540i. They don't come around much, so I jumped on it (managed to get him to knock a grand off the price, too!) Anyhow, the lesson learned was to take your time and don't buy with your heart, cause there turned out to be quite a bit that needed to be fixed. The best was when I got him to put his plate on it and drive it to my house for me. The fuel light was on so I suggested we get some gas real quick. He was like "no there's lots in there don't worry." Didn't think much of it until a few weeks later when I put it on the road and went to fill the tank. I'm standing there filling it, admiring the car, oblivious to what was happening underneath. It wasn't till I was walking in to pay and took the obligatory "look back" that I noticed fuel pissing all over the place under the car! That Bastard!
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