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WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFO FROM? Alot of it is shady.....

The ground control coilovers drops it way more than 1.75"....It goes as low as 3"
If you go this route, you can get the spring rates you want, and match it with properly valved shocks. I paid $299 usd for the coilovers + installation.

For your car, I 'd get a spring/shock setup,since you wont be tracking the car. The H&R cup kit is a nice setup, but pricey...

I really like the H&R race springs. It'll give your car a nice drop, great handling and reasonably priced. I used to have this setup on my M3,and it handled amazing ! You can use Bilstein sport shocks with them too.

Whether you go eibach or H&R springs, they are both great products. As far as shocks, either Bilstein or Koni are great, but I do like the Bilstein better,since I hear stories the Koni's fail prematurly. But the nice thing about Koni is that you can get adjustable shocks.

ps: I have a set of Bilstein sport shocks for sale, I needed to get other shocks to match teh spring rates of my Ground control coilovers. I beleive these shocks have around 30 - 40,000 kms on them.

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