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Originally Posted by Ant118 View Post
When did u get rid of the charger? GL with that man gonna be sick.
Thanks bro!

I got rid of it right before the new year, a member on the board picked it up and he's making real good power.

Originally Posted by ImolaZHP View Post

Originally Posted by 325vert View Post
I didn't this you could improve on perfection.

I was wrong again.
thanks a lot budd!

Originally Posted by greekthang View Post
Well well well look at this guy !!!! Nice job Kev. Ill be at charlies next week wednesday so Ill make sure I take your motor with me before I leave LOL.

Good job man should be fun when its all done
LOLOL georgie...what time are you going by the shop on Wednesday?

thanks a lot brother, we all should meet up for some drinks soon.

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