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Originally posted by jeremy

i do beleive he realizes he made some mistakes.....
Yes, but too bad he only feels the need to apologize for them when his livelihood is on the line. He lied about owning your car for half a year. Even when PBMW posted the same pictures and later FEATURED the car he insisted "the guy probably stole my photos and sent them to PBMW". It's not what you do when everyone is looking, its what you do when NO ONE is looking, and he lied out his ass when no one had ever heard of Jeremy Canning and his bad ass Tahitian Sunrise E30.
Now he is getting rashed selling stuff on MaxBimmer and he feels like apologizing, only to Jeremy. No apology to ANY of the Roadfly guys who insisted he was an up and up guy till it was proven he was not. No apology to Daniel Coop, original owner of Lowen Design.

So forgive him Jeremy, because he apologized when it was convienient to do so....... He wants to take everything private because there is less chance of crosstalk between interested parties. Rats like the dark.
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