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E30 ..?
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I don't know where you guys get these "problems" with 10's. I used them with great results with the stock M20... maybe you are just not braking hard enough
I had this conversation with James Clay of Bimmerworld, when I ordered my first set of 10's. I asked him the same question... his reply : "Bullshit."
D, get the 10's, you will love them. Depending on how many track days you do, they should last a season. Just don't waste them on street driving. Should be cheaper too, in the long run.
I have a bunch of old Carbotech pads if you want them (free), not a lot left on them, but should be enough for a track day. Let me know if you want them, cause I have no idea where they are and it will take me sometime to find 'em.
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