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Angry Out for a couple of days in jail

Hey guys, I am finally back. I spend a couple of nights in jail, for "exibition of speed" (that's what the cops said) plus for putting the general public in danger. I got spanked with a 4,500 ticket plus I lost my license for a year.

It was worth it though. I topped out my 5.0L stang at 197.7 mph. I am so happy although I am going to pay a fine price for that. Ho well, since the highway was empty (of course it was 2o'clock in the morning) the cops just gave me my ticket for my outstanding speed(which I am proud of) It took them quite a long time to catch me. The damn radar picked me up at 180 but my actual speed was 197 it took an hour for the damn cop toi catch up to me. When he did he said that I was the craziest ****ing driver his ever seen.
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