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Originally Posted by JdmEuroNorth View Post
you know, not EVERY single picture has to be taken at an angle.

Sometimes people want to actually see the car, not a small bit of it and some artsy overplayed angle.

Good pictures though, nice and clear.
Well, there are other guys taking straight-on pics for people who want to see the cars Honestly, I prefer to photograph the show -- to give a feeling of what it's like to walk around and immerse yourself in the environment. I hope I've achieved that.

Originally Posted by ZHP_Bimmer05
how can u go to the media day? i want too, like what do you have to do
I'd imagine that you'd have to contact the show's press office, declare your press credentials and prove that your publication has a sufficiently large circulation/readership. I cover the show as part of my job, so my company arranges for my press creds. I've never had to actually go through the process, but if you're really interested, PM me and I can see what contacts I can dig up.
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