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BMW Designed Thermaltake PC Case

BMW's DesignworksUSA has lent their talent to a number of interesting projects over the years, most noticeably in the form of luxury yachts, but their latest prototype aims to become the ultimate gaming machine. Dubbed the Level 10 Thermaltake Gaming Tower, it features an original design that provides unparalleled style, numerous technological innovations, and outstanding functionality.

In aesthetic terms, the Level 10's interior components are prominently displaced by the prototype's open-case design with each component being protected by its own mini-enclosure. This arrangement is critical to the prototype's overall design but it also allows potential owners to enjoy unrestricted access to the various components for easy interchangeability.

On the technology side, the Level 10 features a robust vertical heatsink for coping with the extreme demands of modern video games and a USB "key" that starts the system and can also be used to "lock" it in order to protect sensitive information.

Prototype Images:


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