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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
Just cause it's German doesn't automatically make it good. Look at all the ugly shit AC Schnitzer is putting out these days. Then you have shit like Rieger and Zender - also German and they put out some of the ugliest Franken-Bimmer shit anyone's ever seen. I used to have a Rieger front bumper on my E30 and I now ask myself "what was I thinking?"

I think people are taking offense to the rice comment like it's some sort of personal thing if they happen to like that M5. I just have an idea of what I think is appropriate and tasteful on a BMW and that's not it. Just an opinion, didn't mean to offend anyone who's into it.
You were referring to it being Japanese, I just pointed out that its uber Deutsch, and yea, today's German is like the American ricers 8yrs ago.

Lumma design is actually pretty cool with certain kits, for the M5s they got the CLR series, the regular CLR is actually nice:

This is what the black one is, the CLR500 RS, it looks a lot better in other colours, there was one in red and it looks great, I do agree the wheels are bit weird.

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