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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post
I have no idea what an M-Tech bumper is worth (new = +/- $1000 + tax).
What do they go for used ?

I'm switching to........the exact same bumper.......need to calm my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) related to my car.
It's related to an insurance claim, so I need to get a minimum $$$ to make it reasonable to buy a new one.
European Autobody promissed me that mine can easily be fixed to new, but I'm anal about these things.

Brand new e90 was side ended right on the rear bumper. European Autobody promised that it can be repaird (state farm insurance = worst insurance compnay period). EA said they would want it repaired and wouldnt go for a new one.

2 months later and trying to get it repaired didn't work so finally did put in a new one sooo much aggravation.

Get a second opinion on your bumper.

State farm wants to save few hundred but ended up spending atleast 10-12x...
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