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Which engine best for boost??

I'm in the very early stages of planning my next turbo build-up. At this stage, everything is up for discussion, but I am thinking of a twin turbo set-up perhaps using the Mitsubishi TDO4L from the WRX or something slihtly smaller.

What I am wondering is which inline 6 is best suited for boost?? At this point, I am considering the M20, M50 and M52.

-Do people find that the 24 valve head of the M50 and M52 make them a better choice than the M20??
-Is VANOS something to consider between the M50 and the M52. Can I control it if I'm using a megasquirt??
-Anything else to consider at this point for a build like this??

89 325ix - stock
97 Miata - turboed, intercooled, and megasquirted
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