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ZHP M Performance Package FAQ

M-Performance Package - ZHP (US Models)

The performance package was available on 2003-2005 330 sedans (330i) and 2004-2006 330 coupes and convertibles (330Ci/330Cic). In 2003, it was only available with the 6-speed manual transmission and WITHOUT the premium package. In 2004, all performance package cars were also available with the automatic (steptronic) transmission as well as the premium package.

Obviously, the Performance Package is a level above the Sport Package, so they're not available together.

Changes Include:

-Engine mods (new camshafts, electronics, & lighter flywheel) for 10HP & 8 ft/lb of torque increase & 6800 max RPM (from 6500).
-6 speed short throw shifter (for manual transmission equipped cars)
-3.07:1 Final drive ratio w/ manual trans instead of the standard 2.91:1. Convertibles retained the already installed 3.07 ratio.
-Max Speed Limiter set to 155 mph/248km/h (instead of 128mph/205km/h)
-New M suspension, more "sporty" than standard sport package:
-There are no "ZHP" specific springs. The same springs are used for comparably equipped 330's for both the ZSP and the ZHP. In both cases, the spring rate for the post 4/01 build ZSP and ZHP is believed to be slightly less than that of the pre-4/01 ZSP
-Firmer shocks (Jounce: front +50%, rear +20%), (Rebound: front +35%, rear -8%)
-ZHP does use different dampers than the ZSP. There is a shortage of shock dyno data, but based on the SACHS damping parameter values it is believe the jounce damping is the same but rebound damping is stiffer on the ZHP. Pre-4/01 sport package cars had similar damping values to the ZHP but used the higher grade SACHS "Advantage" dampers rather than the "Super Touring" model
-ZHP control arms are different and use a stiffer ball joint
-BMW M exterior trim elements (front & rear fascia, side sills, & trunk lid spoiler)
-Special exterior trim: Anthracite (charcoal) headlight & foglight surrounds, High-Gloss Shadowline (black gloss) trim
-Large diameter stainless steel dual exhaust outlets (no exhaust flap in right tip)
-Extra thick Alcantra steering wheel (later switched to perforated leather)
-ZSP Sport Seats
-Alcantra & cloth upholstry to replace leatherette and standard trim (leather still optional)
-Choice of "Black Cube" or "Silver Cube" aluminum interior trim
-Anthracite headliner
-Red Needles (**ONLY US models)
-Unique 18" Wheels (style 135M), 18x8.0" front, 18x8.5" rear
-Wider Tires: 225/40ZR-18 in front and 255/35ZR-18 in the rear.

Quick Checklist to determine if you have the M-Performance/ZHP package:

- Alcantara or Perforated Leather "M" steering wheel
- Alcantara shift and handbrake boots
- 6800rpm redline
- No flap in right exhaust tip

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