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I can understand where the guy was coming from... If I had to drive through traffic back and forth and waste a lot of time I would be pretty upset too... but not at filip... he did nothing wrong... frankly he did as much as possible from a used parts seller... he made no money and the sale never happened... but people need to understand that if you are potentially buying a used part, then you have to assume some risk that the part may not work and your time would have effectively been wasted. I bought plenty of parts from Tom, and drove out to Cambridge on two or three different occasions to his shop. But each time I went I made sure that I needed several items and called to see if Tom had them in stock... so if in case he didn't have some items my trip wouldn't have been for nothing. But ultimately he messed up by taking his traffic frustration out on Filip when he really shouldn't have...

I vouche for any honest used parts dealer, because like most of us they are trying to make a living providing people like us good prices for fixes that otherwise would have caused a lot of us to buy domestic or Jap (or VW )
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