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Originally Posted by nickdaytona View Post
I'll be right over to pick it up- $100 U.S. good enough ?
A hundred bucks followed by 3 more zeroes wouldn't be enough This car was owned by a friend of mine and he was pedantic (spelling?) and had it for about 10 years driving approx. 1000mil (=10 000km).

It's around 380 hp output from the engine and 550Nm++ torque
I will remove the Motronic box an replace it with a modern ECU.

Of course I will keep the Motronic box and save all original parts. I don't like the idea of having a ECU that's isn't "intelligent" and I like the idea of having more contol over the engine.

I also found that the turbo is changed to the B7S one =) .. and that the cylinder head is the later 745i Turbo head that have better cooling channels.

Sorry for not selling it but this car is amazing! Small wook R cars that starts to mess with me seems to be standing still when I put the pedal to the floor and leave them behind ;-).

0-100km/h (0-62 mph) has been recorded by a Swedish car magazine to ~4.8s. Mine has more hp than that car had though. Remember this is a car from 1984. I'm in love
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