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First things first Ė Iím new here and to the sport so I should start off by saying Hello and thanks for all the great info.

I just picked up my 1st BWM last summer, a beautiful black 325. I really like this car, itís my summer toy, and I want to take it to the right shop. Iíve noticed many posts for Bimmersport and RPM, but these are in the east end. Iím a little further north and I was wondering if there is anything more central (407/400) or north of the city (Barrie). I have spoken to Bavarian motors in Markham and EA engineering automotive (Dinan supplier), they seem knowledgeable but I have yet to have an experience.

This topic is very important to me, as Iím thinking of adding a chip, intake, water pump, and maybe an exhaust. I know weíre to post only positive reviews Ė so feel free to e-mail me if there is something I need to be aware of that you canít post. Thanks
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