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Originally Posted by sski View Post
These are all viable options. Not sure lexus is any cheaper. I just did a quick search on and you're still over 30K for IS250. I can get an E90 325i under 30K on (I'm kinda looking 2006).

I'm driving the Altima now, so I'd agree G35 reliability should be decent. Friend of mine is driving a G35, he said its a pig on fuel. Again, pricing is not any great value.

I notice too, when searching around on CPO site, Autohaus BMW seems to consistantly come out as better value on their CPO units. Maybe they don't budge on price and the others have left bargaining room. But on paper I'd be tempted to go there first.
My Dad has an 06 G35X sedan and its been bulletproof. Not one major fault, or issue. His gets 25 mpg commuting into Mississauga on the 407, so its not bad I like his sedan, its great in the winter, is pretty luxurious and has lots of nice options for its money.
Get an IS250 if you want gas mileage, low low kilometers, Lexus reliability and factory warranty. Here's one with only 30k km.
who can say no to that?

or this one, with 27k km

etc, etc. So many good deals on them, and they're awesome cars!
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