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Originally posted by S50_boy
i want to get one...randy you said 450.....what exactly would that get me..what bodies could i have???whats the best price.i want the gas no elcetric..doesent have to be super fast.. just want one to play with
For $450.00 you get EVERYTHING except the gas and batteries. The kit is still really fast and I think now they even include bearings and a recessed skid plate too (good thing). You have a choice of bodies, but don't get discouraged if you buy one with a body you don't like.. for $40.00 you get any body (depending on wheelbase) you want... I've got 3 bodies (McLaren F1, Lancer Evo 5, Ferrari F355). They have a website to see what's available. Gas has it's disadvantages too.... It's really messy and the fuel/air mixture isn't always right.... and don't breath the fumes!
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