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kraig sent me an e-mail indirectly appologizing about a month ago....but he still claims that he never lied about my car, even though i saw the pictures and know for a fact he did....


Ok first off I want to make 1 thing clear here. I never once used your car to sell anything. It never was on a website ANYWHERE listing the GTS kit or anything. If you really want the full story I would be more than willing to share it, instead of hearing this and that threw the grapevine And I did appologize to you, I sent you an email(never got it), and I also appologize to you on Max, I have numerous times offered to cut you awsome deals on parts in return (smoked tails at cost, aswell as a BBK at cost)(would you trust sending your money to him??). I've even at time pondered just up and offering you something for free (why,if you never did anything wrong???), but I didn't want to come across as being rude. Lets work something out here and get this behind us. So if that isn't enough than I am sorry...."

i cant tell you guys whether to trust e30m52power/kraig/adam or not....i can tell you only of past experiences with him....i will however say that everyone makes mistakes...i think he should make a post EXPLAINING EVERYTHING, that way the air can be cleared once and for all....

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