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Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
It has a hair under (or over can't remember) 200kms. For what he got he got a nice good deal. That m50 pulls really, really good. It has Racing dynamics headers (not 100% sure but they pretty), Rear brace, Rear bumper and I think the front bumper too(looks just like Dave 98dinan's). The PO didn't know what suspension was on it but it rides pretty good and is nice and stiff. Paint is good too. It just needs few little things here and there and it'll be a nice E36. LOL I told him CSL reps+Slammage and LTW wing for sexy time
There you go, e30_kid says it best lol
but ill probably end up changing the wing for sure mostlikely ltw or m3 wings are nise ! i forgot about rear strut brace!

Ill put some more pics up after carwash
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