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Tutorial step by step for CF HOOD

Here is a nice tutorial which made me get better at making a carbon fiber hood. Hope it helps people out.

Lets chop up this ricer boy!

Now we want to select this bish ass tool (polygonal lasso tool)

And trace around the hood's shape, like this:

Now, copy this layer (CTRL-C)(CTRL-V): Your layer screen should look like this:

Now that we have our car prepped and ready for the carbon fiber hood, we are going to create a new canvas so we can create the CF pattern.

Zoom in to the new canvas all the way (1600%). With the rectangle selection tool, select the top/left quarter of the canvas.
Now bust out the gradient tool and fill the selection area with a black-to-white color scheme.

Now select the bottom/right quadrant of the canvas and repeat the gradient filling process.

After that, go:
"Select - All"
"Edit - Define Pattern"
Type in "Carbon Fiber" and hit OK.


Now create a second layer, by clicking on this button:

Now go to Edit/Fill, and select your carbon fiber pattern:

If you want to add some effect to the pattern, select the Filter Menu/Distort/Twirl. Add some twirl either to the left or the right, and click ok. It should look like this.

Make sure the 2nd layer has been selected, and go to Edit/Transform/Skew.

Now just take the corners of the layer:

and move them roughly around the edges of the hood, like this:

Now hit the CTRL key, and click on Layer 1, It will highlight the car's hood. Now go to Select/Inverse, and hit Delete. You should be left with the car's hood filled with Carbon fiber, like this:

Now select Layer 1, and go to Image/Adjust/Desaturate, then Lightness/Saturation, to make it darker. Reselect Layer 2, and mess with the Layer's options (you know, Multiply, Lighten, etc) so you get a pattern that looks like it has some reflections.

It should look like this:

Hope this helped you guys !

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