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Sorry for the short notice guys but unfortunately for anyone that wants in at autorama please get back to me ASAP 519-796-6619

Sorry guys, I have working some insane hours lately. Here is the scoop.
Group name: Real Time Performance
Official website: Autorama Extreme
Please go to the above website for all FAQs

The entry fee is $50.00 US funds.
Fill out the entry form located here, fill it and print it out: Autorama Extreme - America's Greatest Hot Rod Show
Take 2-3 pictures of your car interior and exterior. The reason for the pictures is so no “unworthy” cars will be allowed into the show. If you are unsure if your car is worthy of me………. I mean……… to enter the show, please email me pictures.
Display size is 10 x 20
Will your entry be part of a club: YES
Club Name: Real Time Performance
Move in time: Thursday PM

To be a part of this club the cost are as follows:
$50 US entry fee
$15 US for a club T-shirt
$60 US for carpet
Electrical TBD with deposit of $25

I will be supplying carpet either grey or black for our club. I am getting it at $0.30-$0.50 per square foot from leftover International Autoshow covering. This is crazy cheap and is absolutely necessary for the club. You will never be able to find carpet for your car for this price. It will also enhance your display for better winning odds. I will actually be investing more money in the carpet then you so if you want your part of the carpet at the end of the show, you can keep your section for an extra $15-$20 and use it in future shows.

For those who want electrical, the cost is usually around $125 US per person. I am now looking to be able to split the circuit to power multiple cars. The final cost will be determined on how many of us need power. So far 4 of us (Adriano, Mel, Ron, Rev) at $32 US each. They usually never allow this but I might be able to bend the rules. It is a 15A circuit so if you car pulls 10A in lighting, you won’t be able to run your stereo. Cobo charges this rate but I may be able to get a “favor” splitting the cost as long as I am not popping circuit breakers to make it obvious and if we run the wires under the carpet so the officials can’t see.

TOTAL COST: $125.00 US W/O electricity

Submit this money along with your pictures and entry to me no later then January 30th


If you are too far away from me (our American friends) please fill out and print the entry form and mail it with your $50 payment as stated above directly to Autorama Extreme:
Championship Auto Shows Inc.
Autorama Extreme
1092 Centre Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

The remainder of $75 must be sent to me via Paypal (add paypal fees) or cheque not later then February 9th.

The prize is $500, $100, and $100 CASH (respectively) for the top 3 club displays. I will be splitting this money with you if we win. So think of your $50 for carpet as an “investment”. Those who do not want to be apart of this group will not be eligible for this prize and you will make it less likely for the rest of the club to win.

Guys, I am really going out on a limb for this show and honestly don’t have time to do so and therefore need your help. I need everyone to take part to make our display the best at the show (which really won’t be that hard compared to last year). I need the following:

DJ equipment / DJ
Lots of cool lights (anyone have a disco ball?......... RON????)
Smoke machine
Free standing canopy (tent thingy to go over DJ)
A lot of help for setup on moving day
A 26er of Sambuca for me
Anything or any ideas to make our display the best. I really want that $500 for us!!!!

Agent BMW trailer
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