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Originally Posted by mortenstj View Post

First, sorry about my bad english skills.

It's time for new wheels for my E30, and i found some nice rims that i will order soon. Keskin KT1.

The size are: 8.5x17 ET 20.
with 215/40 tire.

My question is: Will this size fit perfect on a E30 Coupe? I don't understand exactly what offset (ET 20) means, but what do you think?

Will i ran into some problems?

My car is lowered, but not insane lowered

Here is the car with 17'' 215/40

Yeah those are no problem. A member here ran those in front and the 17x10 version in the rear.

With the 215/40/17 tire the most you would have to do is a slight fender roll in the back. But depending on the tire used, you may be able to get away without it.
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