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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
I really don't want to have to swap trannys. I don't mind making a tranny crossmember. It'll be a hell of a lot cheaper then finding a G240 tranny, and I know my tranny is mint.

If I use the G240 then I have to mix and match drive shafts don't I? Which is another plus if I use the 318 tranny, because as long as it's not moving back or forth I can keep the stock driveshaft.

So you're saying use the E36 mounting arms with E28 535i mounts?

If I use that, I could use the 318 tranny, convert it to a single mass M20 flywheel (like the m42 guys do) and then use a m20 starter. Then all I'd have to do it make a tranny cross member.

It's hard to find shit on r3v for the swap into the 91 318.
Lol I thought you knew most of this stuffs already....

You don't need to mix-match driveshafts. Use a E36 325i 5-speed drive shaft with an E30 center bearing installed backwards

You don't need a custom brace. Use the stock trans support.

Now go find out the rest. No more infoes from me.

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