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Originally Posted by 325isStephen View Post
and unlike north american junk (did I say that?) stuff actually comes apart instead of always breaking.

Yea especially every connector you touch brakes in pieces lol

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Who is the EJ_red....why are you on a BMW web site trashing BMW's???

"Pads and rotors i could care less how much they are. Shit like fuel tank, drive shaft u-joints, subframe bushings, ridiculously routed hard brake lines and this can go on and on. Unless you do your own work and you can do more then just brakes and you don't mind working on your car every other weekend, get a bmw.
Otherwise, stick to hondas."

Why would someone who wants a BMW buy a honda???
And who the hell are YOU? Flat black e30 lol ? I actually own both. Hondas are great, easy to work on and everyone knows honda's bulletproof reliability.

Originally Posted by punnzzells View Post
ya, so you can have cracked manifolds, have your tires collapse under your car - wishbone for real!, over pay for the same car b/c it's starts with an A compared to an N... and a friend here at work has a 1997 Acura 2.2 CL , he had to change his brake lines.... ya... ghey... full one piece piping for all the lines... $1000.00 later....
So e30 lower control arms are better? Come on. Not even mentioning the exhaust system that has to be replaced every 2,3 years. Overpaying for acura over a honda? Only for North Americans because we are willing to pay for it. In Europe, no such thing.

Anyways, i like e30s a lot. That's why i own one. All i said be prepared to do your own work on it and spend money. Otherwise, get your wallet ready.
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