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Seriously man, what's a race going to prove? Maybe increase your ego and where you stand but it's not worth it if you get caught in the end or some accident happens for whatever uncontrolled reason.

So what if you lose or chicken out to a race? Big deal, so they call you a WUSS. It's not like you're now known as the biggest LOSER on Earth. I've always seen people trying to settle things by street racing. It's pretty dumb if you think about it.

Sometimes it's better to be called names for not racing or backing off from using big strong words to other people because of how crazy people can get in today's society. I personally like to keep my mouth shut because I know if I start talking like i'm starring them down, I know I'm asking for some serious trouble. Even if I'm pretty built and strong, it's not worth it to start some reukus cause you never know if the other has a weapon such as a gun/knife.

And although you mentioned it's a modded civic, sorry to cut you off, but watch out for certain Civics. Even if it looks like rice to you, there are some that can kill your ride even with the mods you have on yours.
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