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Originally Posted by Wannabe View Post
rudy you know thats not true about newest and low km. I'd rather own a high km well maintained than a new low km one. For example. my 85 325e has 418,000k and still the original clutch. that clutch has hauled trailers across canada 3 times. and will be forsale in may when i come back to canada. haha
Correcto. Thats what I said

Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
They are all pretty durable, and all of them have their differences and little quirks. Try and buy the newest/lowest km car that you can, with good records to show stuff has been replaced. They are not new, and haven't been, newest being 18 years old. If any clear favorite comes out of the group of e30s, its the 89-91 325i/iS. Decent looking, fair power, fun to drive etc. '91 318i/iS is much like a 'budget' e30 M3 in terms of characteristics and feel, but certainly won't match a 325i in terms of straightline performance.
Edit. But ya, I do agree with you. My car has over 350k, and I'd rather take that then any other e30 trying to be pawned off on those sketch used car dealers for less than 200k. Maintenance>some Number

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