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I'm kinda thinking the 325 Rwd is the best "compromise" (can I say that?? ha ha). I can live with Leatherette (although my wife couldn't on the X3), but I'll want xenon's, sunroof and decent sound (I know it's still factory). Because I'll be going used, I'll be flexible on colour, manual vs auto.

I notice fuel economy does not really change between the models. I can get about 600km out of tank on the Altima if I baby it...500 kms if I don't. How are you driving to get 850kms out of the 325???, What's a fill generally cost??

I'd agree about bigger motor not working as hard. I noted that on the two X3's we drove (2.5 vs 3.0). Brand new the 323 vs 325 is about a 5K difference...used it has to be considerably less.
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