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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
Choose from 325xi to 330xi, good for winter driving considering you are driving 180 km and you want to drive in comfort, choose the sport and premium options.

Like you said earlier, once you drive a BMW, its hard to drive the Nissan again, altho I might consider the newer Maxima.

Buy what you already have in mind.

All wheel drive is overrated. A good set of snow tires, still required on an all wheel dirve, and a winter driving course is money better spent. All wheel drive has only marginal handling advantages in poor weather, Audi's crash just as often as the rest of us, and have no difference in braking. It's heavier and has something like a 10% fuel penatly. Plus as the miles add up it is just more mechanical stuff to go wrong.

But I do agree with buying what ever you like, all wheel drive or not.
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