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Originally Posted by BMW BMXer View Post
The 2 holes in the is one are for the oil cooler the es didn't have.

I was waiting to see if anyone else chimed in too be honest, but no one seems to really care about these anymore as people just swap bumpers now

In good condition though these things pop up on ebay for 200-300 bucks. As far as I know I have only ever seen one replica (eurostyle had one) but those have long vanished also.

The oem mounting you need long discontinued brackets, and this crazy bar, I might have them kicking around somewhere as I tried to assemble everything I needed at one point.
Thanks Dave. Whatever you can find will be great! I've found a set of OEM fogs for this bumper for $75. They use little clips that hold it to the spoiler so the bumper bar may come in handy to support the weight.

Since I replaced the motor mounts there is a vicious vibration over 60 kms. No doubt I hurt the rubber driveshaft coupling and/or the support bearing. I've got both coming as well as two new trans mounts. Get to try out my new air compressor I got for Christmas! (when my broken foot heals).

The new interior (and Recaro seat) is at the details being shampooed as we speak. Your car is being well loved!
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