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Here are a few of my crappy old E34. My sig pic pretty much says it all as far as mods are concerned. It's a 1992 525i, M50, manual tranny, CD changer, cross drilled rotors front and back, and a 540 lower front lip. I don't really drive it in the summer so the M5 rims don't really get out much. It's mostly my winter beater. I just replaced the front passenger side wheel bearing, and now the driver's side needs doing. The Bilsteins on the rear are shot, shattered high beam (I just picked up a high beam from Chuck's), shattered fog, rotten wires in the plug on the other fog. Just replaced the thermostat so the heat works properly now... and put a new rad in while I was at it. She's not much, but here she is:


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Grow up and move on.

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