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Help this BMWnoob out please GURU's

Hey everyone,

Been reading and searching around here for a little bit and finally registered. I don't really know much about cars in general have never been majorly interested as long as the car gets me from a to b..

anyway the wifey has always wanted an older bmw. the "boxier" ones.. so i'm thinking e30's and e36's... so i'm looking at all your nice rides and kinda locked it down to a white or red e30 (they have a nice classic appealing look to them). 318, 325 or something... manual, leather, convertible would be cool too i'm planning to only use it in the summer for her and it would be stored in the garage otherwise...

so i guess i'm trying to figure out what's a good price range and how much a year i'd spend on maintaining it... and i don't think i'd be able to DIY this stuff..

i just kinda want it to look nice and work but at the same time i understand that there is some maintenance for older cars..

are we talking $500 a year kinda thing in general or more?

anyone want to find me the "ideal" car lol
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