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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
its not always about bang for the buck and more power, he has his reasons why he is interested in a SC build, and I agree with him. Yes you may be able to make cheaper and a bit more power with a turbo, but the SC kit will provide constant power through out the power band. unless your hitting a twin turbo on a inline 6 its hard to get a system that will boost from 500rpm to 8000rpm. a well built SC kit will provide more power over the entire powerband wich can result in more power overall because there is no lag time.
Turbo lag is an excuse. A properly sized turbo will give boost from 2000 all the way to redline. When do you ever need power under 2000 except on the highway cruising.

Off boost = better gas milage.

Everyone knows Turbo > SC unless you're a bitch and drive a domestic V8.
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.
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