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G Power M5 Hurricane hits 228.4 MPH

G-POWER is pushing relentlessly towards becoming a serious contender as a force of nature comparable to the sun. After recording a speed of 365.7 km/h (228.4 mph), the 750hp / 559kW G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS is officially the "fastest sedan in the world, taking the record from the bi-turbo V12 BRABUS Rocket. That car is based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS and does 362.4km/h.

G-POWER modified the M5 HURRICANE RS through enlarged capacity twin superchargers supplied by ASA. Boost level went from 0.7 bar to 0.8 bar. What's scarier is that G-POWER says they can raise this up to 1.0 bar for even more performance. "We can still improve," says CEO and engineer Christian Stöber, "if we see the need for it."


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